Sun Direct High Definition

Enjoy TV in HD like never before. Sun Direct is 5 times better (literally) than other service providers. Sharp images, crystal clear sounds will quite simply spoil you to a point that you will find it impossible to settle for anything else thereafter.


High-definition (HD) is the top of the line, all digital format for broadcasting and TV programming. HD broadcast comes with two to five times sharper images in a whole new television viewing experience that delivers programs in a crystal clear, wide screen format with CD quality sound. Enjoy your favourite television programs now in a theatre like experience!

SUN DIRECT DTH is our best TV viewing experience with up to 5 times more detail, incredibly vibrant colours, and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. The SUN DIRECT DTH HD pack will give you cutting edge hi-definition entertainment currently available with more intense viewing experience in the offering.

See every detail:

5 times more detail when compared to normal services

Sun Direct SDvsHD

Vibrant colours:

Vibrant colours and sharper images for an intense TV viewing experience

Sun Direct DTH HD Colors

Dolby Surround Sound Experience:

SUN DIRECT DTH HD ensures that you will be experiencing the sound “as real as it gets”.

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An HD LCD TV which is capable of high definition content is required to enjoy SUN DIRECT HD. All leading home appliance companies like Samsung, LG, Sony, Videocon etc manufacture HD LCD televisions. SUN DIRECT DTH HD Set Top Box


HDTV has five times more pixels than the standard ones. So the level of clarity and sharpness of images are much higher. This essentially means that the viewer can look forward to a more realistic television viewing experience, with hawk like attention to detail. Also, HDTV displays 1920X1080 pixels, the best picture you can get.

HDTV Cables

For that mind blowing HD experience, it is highly critical that your HDTV system needs to be properly connected. This means using the right HDTV cables to get HD signals into the HDTV system. An HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable is the simplest and best way to connect to your HDTV. Most HDTV’s have an HDMI connector which can be used to connect devices like your HD set-top box. HDMI offers crisp, clear all-digital video and analogue audio in a single cable.


The SUN DIRECT DTH HD SET TOP BOX will ensure that your HDTV system is receiving over the air HD signals properly and the same will be displayed in the HDTV without any loss of the signals, accompanied by crystal clear images and DVD quality sound.


Since most of the HD content is recorded with cinema style surround sound, a proper sound set up will help you in enhancing theatre like sound effect in your home. HD broadcast offers 5.1 channel audio and 5.1-surround sound setup can bring the audio to theatre like clarity.

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