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How to reactivate Sun Direct account after recharge?

In India, Sun Direct is the fourth major DTH service provider. We offer you more than 244 channels and you can sometimes add or remove channels from your account based on your preference. Sun Direct guarantees that we bring you the best of entertainment at a very affordable price. Now the question is how can you reactivate the Sun Direct account after recharge? Let's dig into the details. 

If you have an account, then after the Sun Direct recharge it will be activated. If your account is not activated wait for some time as in some cases it might take time to reflect the Sun Direct recharge. Changes may not reflect in your account at times. After every Sun Direct recharge, refresh your DTH account. By doing this, it resolves any issue you might be facing.


How to refresh Sun Direct DTH account?

There is a chance that you are a new customer. Even if you are a past customer, you might not have heard of account refresh. After recharging your Sun Direct DTH account or modifying the channel list in your account, the change usually is reflected immediately in your account. At times due to some issue, the change in channel pack doesn’t reflect in your account.

You can sort this by performing a Sun Direct DTH account refresh. There are three ways in which you can refresh your account after a sun direct recharge. You can refresh your account through the official website. You can refresh the SD Set-top-box account online by clicking our website. Secondly, you can send an SMS to customer care. Thirdly just give a call to the toll-free number.


Refreshing online through the official website

  • First, you have to turn on your Sun Direct STB
  • Now after turning it on, go to channel 36 and keep it on
  • Now after completing steps 1 & 2 you can visit the official website of Sun Direct
  • Once you go to the website, there will be a help button. Click on that ‘Help’ tab on the top
  • You will be taken to another page, on the next page, you can see a statement like “If unable to view subscribed channel click here. “Click on it
  • Now you have to sign in using your registered mobile number, smart card number, or customer ID number whichever is easy for you
  •  Then you have to select the error code from the drop-down menu provided on the page
  •  Click the ‘Refresh' button.


Refreshing through SMS

  • To refresh via SMS, you have to open the messaging app on your phone that is the registered mobile number
  • In the messaging app, you have to type 9600058585 in the recipient box
  •  After typing the number in the recipient box, type “<Error Code> <Smart Card Number>” in the message space
  • Then send it to the recipient


Refreshing through call

  • You can dial 1800 123 7575 / 1800 103 7575. To refresh your account, you can also just give a missed call to 7601012345 from your registered mobile number
  • In the call, you can mention the error code displayed on the TV screen
  • Then they will provide you with some instructions, just follow the instructions provided and you can refresh your account.

You can also check on the status of your complaint through the Complaint Management System available on the website of Sun Direct.