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How to solve the common issues of Sun Direct DTH?

DTH errors are common and it can be a little tedious for the customer support team to promptly resolve these issues. This may prompt you to switch over to other DTH connections.

Every DTH provider in India faces the challenge of resolving issues as soon as possible. Many customers often call to complain about the error code displayed on their TV screens. The service providers try their level best to resolve the issues, yet there are only certain things they can do to get the channels working again.

Understanding Common Sun Direct DTH Errors: 

1. Error code E48-32: 

This error code E48-32 signifies ‘no signal’ which happens due to bad climate conditions such as heavy rain or wind. If the error code is still displayed, then you can contact the customer care and they’ll provide you with a technician who’ll resolve this issue

2. Error code E52-32: 

This error arises due to bad weather conditions which makes the signal connection weak. It’s a temporary problem, once the weather conditions become better, you’ll get a better signal. Sometimes this error code is displayed if the satellite dish or receiver is not properly aligned. There may be disturbances due to strong winds. You should call a technician if your antenna dish is not in the right position.

3. Obstacle in front of dish E50-32: 

At times there may be an error because of an obstacle in front your dish which makes the signal weak. Call up the technician if there is any obstacle and they’ll solve it for you.

4. Obstacle at service provider’s end: 

Sometimes there are issues at the service provider’s end so check up with your Neighbors if they are facing the same problem. If your Neighbors also face the same issue then wait for some time, the issue will get resolved automatically after some time.

5. Sun Direct DTH Recharge: 

If you have done recharge and it's not reflecting in the Sun Direct App, then follow these 3 steps to reactivate it:

  1. a. Refresh through the website online 

  2. b. Refreshing through SMS 

  3. c. Refreshing through call. 


6. Refresh Sun Direct Set-Top-Box: 

You can refresh your receiver box by following these steps below:

  • Switch on your box and go to channel 302/598
  • Go to the Sun Direct website website and click on the “help” section. Under the help section, click on “"If unable to view subscribed channel click here." to watch subscribed channels if it shows error”
  • Verify your Sun Direct account details using Registered Mobile Number/Smart Card or CDSN Number/CR-ID
  • Select the error code from the drop-down menu and proceed to REFRESH.
  • And you’re good to go

Now that you’re aware of these common errors you do not have to relentlessly contact the customer support and waste your time. Try these troubleshoot solutions yourself and enjoy the services provided by Sun Direct DTH.